Hello from Kidcrit

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Hello from Kidcrit

Postby Marsha Skrypuch » Sat, 30 Jun 2012, 6:17 pm

Welcome to the public section of kidcrit!

Are you wanting to jump through the bunny hole and participate in private kidcrit?

Please note:

1. The private critique group is only open to people who have written at least a preliminary draft of a children's or YA book and are willing to give and receive critiques on a consistent basis.

2. To participate, you must register. Your forum name must be your real name in this format:

Real-first-name space real-last-name

for example:

Joseph Brown

Once you've registered, I will get a notice, and I can approve you. If you haven't registered your name correctly, I will change it.

3. You can start a new thread in this public section, to reach the forum administrator, and to ask questions about this forum.

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