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Postby Guest » Tue, 19 Jul 2016, 4:58 pm

Hello Marsha. Gillian O'Reilly suggested this forum as a place where I might participate to receive critiques of my picture book stories. Do you routinely cover this genre? What are the expectations on me for joining the group? Thanks, Michael Parrish

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Postby Marsha Skrypuch » Wed, 20 Jul 2016, 2:43 pm

Dear Michael,

We're a cosy bunch, and we're not big on rules, but we do have a few:

Big rule #1 is that we don't use handles, but real names, both first and last, in this format:

John Smith

So, if after reading this whole message you're still interested in joining, create an account using your real name and I will wave my wand.

Big rule # 2 is that when you first join, you do three critiques right away.

In order to stay active in kidcrit, you should aim to do at least 3 crits a month. If you need to be inactive for a period of time, just post a message so people know. Once you've joined, a listing of members is available by clicking on the Members icon in the top right corner.

Big rule # 3 is that if you join and then don't participate you will be kicked out. I review member activity every couple of months and if I notice that you're either totally inactive or are just lurking, I'll deactivate your account. No hard feelings about this, you can always come back, but this is a private group so there's a responsibility to participate.

Everyone in kidcrit is encouraged to crit any story they find, and this includes stories outside of your own genre. You'd be amazed at what you can learn about craft by doing this.

If someone has critted you, consider it a courtesy to crit them back.

On the board you'll see many different sections but for whatever reason everyone seems to want to post in T4, so that's a great place to look for stuff to crit.

The only other rule is that you should post a chunk of your own work-in-progress for crit at least once a month. This is a softer rule. As long as you have posted some of your work and you are actively writing and critting, you are considered active.

What's an acceptable size for a piece up for crit?

An entire shorter work -- say a picture book text, or up to 2500 words of a longer work.

If you are posting a longer novel bit by bit, in order to assist critiquers who are coming in mid-stream, do post a summary of earlier chapters in your message, or the entire work-in-progress as reference.

Also, if you have been regularly critting and haven't posted for awhile, you can save up your crits and post a larger chunk at once -- even an entire novel if you are only looking for overview type comments.

all the best
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